These Pirate Ships are a treasure to behold indeed! In fact, they be holdin' all yer treasures for your next swashbuckling adventure.


Step 1:

Download the Pirate Ship Sail templates provided below, print, and cut out along the solid lines.

Step 2:

With coloured side facing up, fold each sail in half horizontally. While folded, punch a hole in the centre of the sail at the top and the bottom using a hole punch.

Step 3:

Insert a straw through the holes to make your sail and mast.

Step 4:

Attached a straw flag to the top of the straw to make the Pirate flag at the top of your ship's mast.

Step 5:

Using some white modelling clay, attach the mast to the centre of a paper treat cup and push firmly into position. Viola! Your ship is ready to be filled with treats and put on display!

Step 6:

Repeat the same steps using the second template to create sails for your drinking straws to really set the scene. Then have a great pARRRRRTy me hearties!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF